NuStep Workout and Fitness Videos

These short videos will inspire users to maximize the benefit of each workout on a NuStep recumbent cross trainer. Custom fitness programs can be created for cardio or strength-training programs.

Please note: These workouts are examples. They should be modified to an individual user's fitness level. Please consult a physician before starting a new workout regimen.

NuStep Cardio Blast Workout

Cardio Blast focuses on heart-rate interval training. Users
rotate between one-minute high-intensity and low-intensity

NuStep Boot Camp Workout

The Boot Camp workout includes a combination of strength and balance exercises on the NuStep as well as off.

NuStep Strength and Tone Workout

Strength and Tone shows how NuStep users can have the option to isolate their strength training on just their arms or just their legs, or to combine them for a full-body strength workout.

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