NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainers

NuStep’s recumbent cross trainers combine lower and upper body movement for a full body workout for most users of virtually all ability levels:

• Building strength
• Promoting independence
• Invigorating users

NuStep, Inc. makes every effort to provide accurate and timely information about its products, however not all product information is included and some of the information posted may not be current.

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NuStep T4r, T5 and T5XR recumbent cross trainers


NuStep T4r Recumbent Cross Trainer

ALL NEW T4r – Smooth motion, easy to use, sturdy grab ring, easy arm adjustments, 360o  swivel seat.


NuStep T5 Recumbent Cross Trainer

T5 – Mid-level model with enhanced features. Large color LCD display with 8 workout programs, low step through design, contact heart-rate handles.


NuStep T5XR Recumbent Cross Trainer

T5XR– Height of innovation.  Large color LCD display with 13 workout programs, 12° of seat recline, 40° of hand grip rotation, supportive foot pedals and straps with flex foot option.

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NuStep accessories provide greater access to safe, independent and effective exercise for most users.

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