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NuStep Upper Body Ergometer

What is an Upper Body Ergometer?

An upper body ergometer is a piece of exercise equipment that, as the name suggests, works the upper body. It also measures the work of the upper body muscles during exercise. Often referred to as an “arm bike,” the upper body ergometer uses a cycling motion like a bicycle, except that you “pedal” with your

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The NuStep Difference in the Gym

To increase your membership numbers, you should show that you care about being all-inclusive. We all want to be at our athletic best, that’s why we are in the fitness industry. As you strive to be the best fitness leader, motivator and business person, you know to be successful you’ll have to maintain and increase

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Half Ironman Training Update

It’s time for a training update! With only 94 days until my big day I get more and more excited to get out of bed and train each morning. I am now in Phase IV of training for a half ironman, which has been a big shift. Everything is starting to fall into place and

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Rachel Fredrickson’s Biggest Loser Finale

Family, friends and fans – In this week’s post I would like to touch on a hot topic in the news: Rachel Fredrickson, Winner of Season 15 of The Biggest Loser. Many are saying she looked to skinny and went too far with her weight loss. They are saying she looked anorexic and unhealthy. While

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Getting on The Biggest Loser Ranch

Prior to our season of NBC’s The Biggest Loser my dad, O’Neal Hampton, had never really seen an episode of the show. He knew what it was about and what they did but never fully watched a season. I on the other hand was a faithful watcher and had seen most seasons. In the summer

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O’Neal and SunShine Hampton Start their Weight Loss Journey

Starting a journey is never easy. We knew what to do to get healthy (eat right and exercise), but knowing something and doing something are two very different things. Before The Biggest Loser, I was 425 pounds and SunShine weighed in at 275 pounds. There are many hopeless feelings and little quality of life at

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