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Taking Steps to Protect Your Knees

Knee pain is, well, a pain. It slows you down and keeps you on the sidelines of life. And, while not all knee pain can be prevented, there are steps you can take to improve your knee function which can, in turn, protect your knees. If you’re dealing with knee pain, you’re not alone. In

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Beat the heat and bring your workout indoors with a NuStep Crosstrainer

Exercise Safety: Tips for Beating the Heat

The summer heat can affect our bodies much more than we think when we exercise in hot weather. It’s important to understand the risks of heat-related illnesses and take the proper safety precautions to minimize those risks. HOW DOES THE HEAT AFFECT OUR BODY? According to an article posted by the Mayo Clinic, “exercising in

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Make time to exercise

How Should I Exercise If I’m Short On Time?

Everyone faces time constraints, and unfortunately, our fitness routines tend to suffer. It often leaves us wondering, how do I support my overall health and well-being when there’s so much to do? We all know that some physical activity is better than none for overall health. But for significant health benefits, the U.S. Department of

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Taking Steps for Better Sleep

For many exercisers, one of the biggest payoffs of increasing their physical activity is better sleep at night. Research supports this connection, with some studies indicating that something as simple as taking more steps per day can help promote better sleep. What is better sleep? Better sleep refers to sleep quality. In other words, how

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What is Whole-Person Wellness and Why Is It Important?

On the face of it, the term whole-person wellness might seem like a fad from the 60’s era of pop psychology.  True, the concept of wellness was introduced in the 60’s. But it was no fad. The concept evolved in the 70’s with the development of a wellness model. It subsequently gained prominence in the

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Fitness and Wellness: Do They Mean the Same Thing?

In recent years, “wellness” has become something of a marketing term de jure for a wide range of products that promise to contribute to one’s overall sense of wellness. Upon closer look, you’ll discover that many of these products are actually fitness products. This creates the impression that fitness and wellness mean the same thing.

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Boosting Your Immune System For Winter

This winter, even more so than years past, boosting your immune system to protect your health will be important – especially for older adults. As we head into the winter months, the combination of seasonal flu and the COVID-19 virus pose increased health risks for many older adults. What makes them particularly vulnerable? An aging

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Reach the Summit of Mount Everest…on a NuStep Cross Trainer

Are you looking for a new way to challenge yourself and achieve new goals with your NuStep workouts? How about trekking up the face of Mount Everest? Running in the Boston Marathon? Driving in the Daytona 500? With a bit of imagination, your NuStep workouts could become an adventure of sorts and keep you motivated

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HIIT on a recumbent cross trainer

Can You Do HIIT on a Recumbent Cross Trainer?

The short answer is yes; you CAN do HIIIT workouts on a recumbent cross trainer. In fact, you can use any piece of cardio equipment for this type of workout. What Is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It generally consists of a warmup period followed by repeated periods of high-intensity exercises separated

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Healthy BMI from Weight Loss

How Effective is a Recumbent Cross Trainer for Weight Loss?

Before diving into the merits of using a recumbent cross trainer for weight loss, let’s talk a little bit about weight. Managing body weight is vital to maintaining your health as you age. Being overweight increases the risk for numerous health conditions and diseases including high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, and Type 2

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NuStep users tell how their lives have been transformed and the vital role their NuStep plays in that transformation.

“The best piece of equipment I own.”

- Colleen Braun: People can transition from physical therapy to an independent program on their own.


“Never give up. Never give up.”

- Gerry Prince: After 2-3 months I noticed I could move my legs a little bit.


“NuStep has helped me immensely!”

- Bob Anderson: It's made a great difference in what I can do with my knee.



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