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When Life Throws You A Curveball

Earlier this month, my brother-in-law, Peter Lindstrom, and I packed up the car with fishing gear and set out to South Dakota for a week of fishing.  Soon after we got on the road, I got the first sign – an upset stomach – that something was going to interfere with our plans. As the

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There’s No Quick Fix – Just Hard Work

Have you ever noticed ads with headlines like, “Lose 25 Pounds in Only 2 Weeks!” or “Burn Fat Without Changing Your Diet!” or “Reach Your Weight Loss Goals FAST”? Whether the ad is for a celebrity diet, a juice cleanse or herbal supplements, it usually claims the product is “clinically proven” to boost metabolism, burn

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O'Neal Hampton exercise with NuStep

Selfless or Selfish – It’s a Balancing Act

This week’s blog is about finding the balance between being selfless and selfish. From the time we’re young, we’re taught that being selfish is bad and being selfless is good. We learn that to be a good person, we must put others’ needs first. We hold those we consider selfless in high regard. How many

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Mindful vs. Mindless Eating

Have you ever sat down in front of the TV with a bag of chips that is full one minute, empty the next and wonder how they disappeared so fast? How about stopping by your co-worker’s desk to grab some candy out of the candy jar – every single time you walk by? What about

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With Thanksgiving just days away, I’m sure you’re expecting me to tell you not to overindulge and to eat as healthy as possible on Thanksgiving Day. Well, you’re right. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, going to a family member or friend’s house or going to a restaurant, there will be plenty of good food around

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O’Neal has Lost Inches & Gained Confidence

Hi my NuStep Family, Friends and Fans, I’m reaching out to give you all updates on my journey. I am getting healthy and staying in shape. I’m happy to say that I have been back on track. Honestly, even while being back on track, I have had little bumps in the road, I’m human. I

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My Continuous Journey Back to Health and Wellness.

We are faced with the holiday season. I will not, and cannot, stand before you and claim that I’m perfect. I do not make the best decisions all the time, especially at this time of year. Do I struggle with temptation? Absolutely I do. Do I sometimes yield to temptation? Yes, every so often, I

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It’s Time to Stop the Body Envy

Hi my NuStep family and friends, This week I’m going to be talking about comparison and body envy. Please don’t compare yourself to other people and other people’s goals for their physical appearance. Everybody is different and every individual’s body is different. There are so many factors that influence personal body shape and size, for

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Exercise: Good for brain health, too.

Here at NuStep, brain health is a hot topic of discussion. Evidence shows that the factors that contribute mightily to cardiovascular disease and stroke – obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes – also negatively impact cognitive health. When it comes to brain health, many of the same healthy lifestyle steps we take to care for

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My New Weight Loss Goal

It’s no secret that I’ve gained weight since my time on The Biggest Loser (and I discuss why that’s no surprise here), so today I want to share with you my weight loss goal for the year, what motivates me and how I plan to accomplish that goal. I don’t mind sharing this with my

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