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What Motivates You Today?

Hi Everyone, Motivation is an important tool. It’s what helps propel us forward so that we can achieve our future dreams and goals. Most of time we focus on the future, forgetting that it’s what we do every single day that keeps us on track to achieving our long term goals. Achieving goals is a

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Seasonal Changes & Adjustments

Hi Everyone, This week’s blog is about seasonal changes in the weather and the adjustments required to maintain our nutrition and fitness routine. One thing we absolutely have to keep doing is drinking water and staying hydrated. One of the biggest myths ever is when people think it’s not as hot outside or as humid,

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Who Should Be A Part Of Your Support System?

Hi Everyone, I’m very excited about this weeks blog! It’s about getting rid of negativity within your support system. For anyone who starts a journey towards health and happiness, you may find that some people do not want you to succeed. My advice to you is to not expend time or energy trying to prove

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Health And Happiness Go Hand-In Hand

Hi Everyone, This week’s blog is about health and happiness. If you haven’t started your journey towards better health, you may be concerned about flavor, texture and taste, when modifying you’re eating habits. You may be worried that healthy food will be bland and unsatisfying, or you may be concerned about a higher grocery bill

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3 Adjustments

Hi Everyone, This week’s blog is about making time for yourself. I think exercise is really an imperative part of making your health a priority. There is a difference between MAKING the time to work out and finding the time to work out. FINDING TIME IS NOT THE SAME AS MAKING TIME. People will contact

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My Love Of NuStep

Hi Everyone, In this week’s blog, I’d like to talk about something that is very important to me, other than my faith, my bride and my family. It’s my NuStep! I am sure my readers are wondering how a tough guy like me could have a soft spot in his heart for NuStep? Some of

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Life Hurdles

Hi Everyone, This week my blog is about overcoming hurdles in life. There are three ways you can deal with the hurdles of life and each of them is significant; You can either go under them, go through them or go over them. The amazing thing about these tactics is that all three forms are

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Coming Back To Exercise After Vacation

Hi Everyone, First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for all of your support when I post about my workouts on my NuStep. I appreciate your support and I’m so glad to know that by sharing my story I am helping to inspire and motivate you. Having that extra motivation is what helps to

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Family Awareness

Hi everyone, Last week, I was on vacation at a family reunion in Seattle, WA. I’m sure someone who doesn’t know me is thinking,” Why is he blogging about his family reunion?” I’m blogging about this topic because it represents a real situation where you may be tempted to stray from your health and wellness

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Maintaining The Balance

Hi Everyone, Last week I talked about needing Commitment, Discipline and Courage. This week I’m going to be talking about how you can maintain a healthy balance of all three. If you have more courage than discipline, that is not a good thing. If you have more commitment and discipline that’s not a good thing

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