Doris Flickner

NuStep user testimonial Doris Flickner

Campaigning for Another NuStep. 

“I am an 80-year-old retired RN. In 2005, I moved to Pine Village Retirement Community in Moundridge, KS.

The Pine Village Wellness Center has three NuSteps. I have been exercising on the NuStep for about five years.  I feel more comfortable exercising on the NuStep.  I don’t worry about falling or having to deal with the weather conditions. I always enjoy my time on the NuStep.  It’s a time for reflection and meditation.  I have lost weight.  I feel younger. I feel much better. I feel great!

One NuStep is quite old. I decided it was time to campaign to get a new NuStep to replace our oldest one.  I talked to our Wellness Center Director and our Fund Development person, both were in agreement.  I started the ball rolling by donating the first $100 towards a new one. I know how much the NuStep can help others.”

Doris Flickner

Moundridge, Kansas