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These Machines Made the JCA of Jacksonville Florida More Welcoming!

The UE8PRO Upper Body Ergometer is one of the best machines of 2022. Majority of health club goers are overtraining with machines that target the lower extremities to complete their cardiovascular workouts. They are forgetting or neglecting the importance of upper extremity cardio-based workouts. Not to mention, the biomechanical injury prevention advantages when using the enhanced balanced power training mode for the shoulder and scapular stabilizers. Add that to the amazing benefit the T6MAX Recumbent Cross Trainer adds to anyone that is dealing with spinal or lower extremities injury, which study shows that is over 80% of Americans.

Definitely those two machines made the JCA of Jacksonville Florida way more welcoming, especially to members with accessibility challenge and on motorized scooters since our PTs no longer need to move the member from there to the machine seat. If you want to set your club apart by caring and serving all, then those machines are for you!

Congratulations NuStep for another brilliant design that improves the health and wellbeing of millions!

Eiffel Gilyana

Jacksonville, FL