Josh Malcak


Continue To Push Yourself!

I wasn’t ever really much for truly exercising my body. Sure I’d do yoga, and I’d spend time in the pool “Water Jogging” but it wasn’t until I was given the opportunity to race a car that I truly gave a crap about my physique.

When I started using the NuStep machine, I did four segments of 5 minutes each. On my very first run, I clocked 1.16 miles in 20 minutes and 45 Seconds. That was July 26th, 2022. After I got through my first week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) of working out, I realized that I could add another 5 minutes to my workout, and be fine. So instead of four segments of 5, I did three segments of five and one segment of 10.

After my first 25 min workout, I clocked 1.65. Then I started to set goals. 2 miles in under 20 minutes by September 1st. I nailed that 8 days later. So then I said “Screw it, let’s do 3 miles by October 1st”. I hit three miles in under 30 minutes within 12 days.

For a little context, I’m a 475+ pound man, so while the numbers might seem small, it’s not easy for me. My life has been a struggle because I have allowed myself to get this way. But, because of the NuStep machine, I have been given almost a new lease on life. You don’t really notice the physical changes in your body until you do something you have struggled to do in the past. For example, whenever I go to watch a race I like to sit at the very top of the third turn (roughly 3 stories up). I used to have to take a break between my truck and my seats. Not any longer, now I can just hammer down and climb those stairs almost 2 at a time with no issue. Insanity.

This machine allows you to choose what kind of workout you want to do. Do you want to be easy? Take your time? Maybe a little biking through the cheese district of Paris? You can do that. Do you wanna go hard? Kick the tires and light the fires? You can do that too! I can assure you when you push yourself you will not enjoy it during the workout. It is hard, and you will sweat. But, the results you will see… Not only in your physique, but also in how people comment about you, your mobility, and most importantly…. Your mood.

I will never stop recommending this machine to my friends. Because it has changed my life in ways I can not even begin to describe. And…. It can change yours too.

Josh Malcak

Pendleton, Indiana