Kathy Wallin

NuStep user testimonial Kathy Wallin

Exercising with Multiple Sclerosis. 

“My diagnosis is multiple sclerosis and I have the relapsing remitting form of MS – I was diagnosed in 1974 and I was in the original study (University of Utah study in 1985) showing what a huge difference exercise can make for people with MS.

On a day that I’m tired and my legs maybe will fall in, and normally it’s really hard on my knees, the Leg Stabilizer keeps me in line and keeps my legs properly aligned with my knees and my feet, so that I can get a complete workout and a more effective workout.

Because of my work on the NuStep – I have been able to gain so much strength and stability that it does allow me to do the other things I love to do. It has allowed me to be free again.”

Kathy Wallin

Draper, Utah