Syvilla Fry

NuStep user testimonial Syvilla Fry

Building Strength With My NuStep Cross Trainer. 

I became familiar with NuStep when I lived at Meadowood, a retirement community in Worcester, PA.  They had two in the exercise room there. I moved to CA in February of 2012 to be close to my daughter and family, to another retirement community, Casa de las Campanas. I really missed using the NuStep and I did not do well using the recumbent bike or treadmill.

When they couldn’t purchase a NuStep for the community to use I found that one would fit into the bedroom of my apartment. Mine arrived this week and I’ve used it every day. I’m slowly working up to more time. I have it placed where I can look out the window while I’m exercising and the time goes swiftly. Most importantly, I’m already feeling stronger! Thanks for a GREAT product.

Syvilla Fry

San Diego, California