Todd Winninger

NuStep’s Payment Plan Cut Todd’s Physical Therapy Bill in Half. 

Hi Dick,

Just a quick written note to tell you how I appreciate your product and financing.

As a recovering stroke patient I could only generate so much cardio walking at my pace. I used the NuStep at physical therapy (Back In Action, Tamarac, FL), so I knew the product and wanted to find a used one. My therapist warned “Good luck. They’re snapped up fast – usually by other therapists!”

I visited your web site to get ideas, maybe refurbished units, and lo and behold saw the great financing which made it very doable. Actually now, with my therapist’s blessing, I’ve cut my PT bill in half – used to be $250 a month (going twice a week) now $122 a month (my NuStep payment), and check-in with my PT every 90 days.

I also needed NuStep to work toward by final 10 pound reduction on Weight Watchers. Dropped 30, but the last 10 is hardest, almost made NuStep mandatory. And I am determined to reach 200. I’m now at 205.

Frank Todd Winninger

Tamarac, Florida