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From Rehab to Home

NuStep cross trainers – the same machines favored by physical therapists around the globe – can be purchased for your personal use right in your home. Our recumbent cross trainers are suitable for virtually any user recovering from an injury, joint replacement, cardiac surgery or stroke. Exercising on our cross trainer helps maintain the fitness gains achieved in rehab, build strength, increase mobility, improve overall health and contribute to a greater quality of life.

NuStep cross trainers were designed to simulate the movement of walking and allow users to increase resistance as they gain strength. The risk of dangerous falls is reduced because users exercise on our machine while in a safe, seated, recumbent position.

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Health

The standard-bearer in cardiac rehabilitation around the world, NuStep recumbent cross trainers have helped countless people living with heart disease or recovering from a cardiac event regain their strength and improve their health.

Our cross trainers are also used by thousands seeking to improve their heart health and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Invaluable for Recovery and Beyond

All the features that make the NuStep cross trainer an invaluable tool during each phase of cardiac rehab, are equally valuable in a long-term maintenance program you can do at home.

The inclusive design and features like a 360° swivel seat, sturdy grab bar and StrideLock®,  make getting on and off the NuStep easy. The low inertia startup, user controlled step length and multiple resistance levels, allow users to achieve a full-body cardio and strength training workout that is easy on the joints.

Continuing Physical Therapy at Home

For users who are recovering from an injury or surgery, the inclusive, low-impact design of the NuStep cross trainer allows for a gradual increase of resistance. Physical therapists around the globe use our cross trainers in their patient rehabilitation programs because they help their clients achieve optimal results. Thousands have gone on to purchase our cross trainer for their home so they can continue their progress.

orthopedic injuries and surgery

Users recovering from orthopedic injuries or surgery need a smooth, low-impact exercise option. The simulated walking motion and low-inertia start-up of our cross trainers allow for a fluid, natural movement. The 360-degree seat swivels to allow access from various angles – ideal for users with limited mobility. The user-controlled stride length and multiple resistance levels allows users to adjust their workout as they progress.

Spinal Cord Injuries

For those living with paralysis due to spinal cord injuries, lack of access to exercise is a barrier difficult to overcome. NuStep recumbent cross trainers help remove those barriers and provide access to exercise that can help users:

  • Gain strength and independence
  • Get valuable cardiovascular exercise
  • Maintain and lose weight
  • Manage chronic pain

The inclusive design of the NuStep cross trainer make total-body strength and cardio workouts possible for virtually any user. Our cross trainers feature a wheelchair-height seat that swivels 360 degrees and locks at 45 degree angles, a sturdy grab bar and StrideLock® to add stability and safety for users while getting on and off.

Our adaptive equipment offers advanced support that allows most users to exercise safely and independently.



At risk for heart disease or have experienced a cardiac event? Exercising on a NuStep recumbent cross trainer will help immensely.



For individuals recovering from a joint injury or replacement or spinal cord injury, physical therapy can continue at home with the low-impact NuStep recumbent cross trainer.



Studies show the benefits of exercising on a NuStep recumbent cross trainer following an injury or surgery.



NuStep users tell how their lives have been transformed and the vital role their NuStep plays in that transformation.

“I feel like I could do almost anything”

- Tom Hoatlin: I don’t know where I’d be without having discovered NuStep.


“Now the machine is our MVP!”

- Marcy A. Boughton, MSPT: We've noticed that our outcomes are much better.



- Natalie Buchoz: Rebuilding her life after a spinal cord injury.



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