About NuStep

How It All Began

NuStep’s story began in the late 1980’s when founder Dick Sarns, then a designer of medical devices for heart surgery, was struck by the design and functionality limitations of the exercise equipment used in cardiac rehabilitation.

That observation, coupled with new research about the role of exercise in the prevention and recovery of heart disease, inspired Dick to start a new business venture with the aim of developing safe, accessible exercise equipment for cardiac rehab.

Setting a Gold Standard

After years of development, Dick, and his team — which included his son, Steve, a kinesiologist — introduced the seated recumbent stepper in the 1990’s. The first exercise equipment of its kind for cardiac rehabilitation, the NuStep quickly gained acceptance in other healthcare settings as well as senior living communities.

Over the decades, the NuStep recumbent cross trainer has evolved, with each design iteration integrating refinements and features to enhance accessibility and usability. And today, NuStep cross trainers represent the gold standard for inclusive exercise equipment.

Expanding Our Product Line

In 2021 NuStep introduced the UE8 Upper Body Ergometer. The UE8, which represents a new product category for NuStep, features a unique design that allows barrier-free access to upper body exercise from three positions without requiring seat removal. And in 2022, NuStep launched the RB8 Recumbent Bike, another new product category. The RB8 features a custom recumbent seat design and delivers a low impact, lower body workout. Both models have integrated force sensors that measure and display performance in real time.

Staying True to Dick’s Vision

As we continue to expand our product line, the vision that guided Dick Sarns nearly 30 years ago — making safe, effective exercise possible for people regardless of their age or functional ability — remains at the heart of all we do each day at NuStep.