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O’Neal Hampton Vblog – Episode 1

Join O’Neal Hampton (contestant The Biggest Loser TV Show) as he embarks on his health and fitness journey and shares his experiences via this video blog series. During this episode, we’ll get a little preview of what’s to come during his video blog series…everything from tips on fitness and nutrition to how he stays motivated.  O’Neal

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When Life Throws You A Curveball

Earlier this month, my brother-in-law, Peter Lindstrom, and I packed up the car with fishing gear and set out to South Dakota for a week of fishing.  Soon after we got on the road, I got the first sign – an upset stomach – that something was going to interfere with our plans. As the

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There’s No Quick Fix – Just Hard Work

Have you ever noticed ads with headlines like, “Lose 25 Pounds in Only 2 Weeks!” or “Burn Fat Without Changing Your Diet!” or “Reach Your Weight Loss Goals FAST”? Whether the ad is for a celebrity diet, a juice cleanse or herbal supplements, it usually claims the product is “clinically proven” to boost metabolism, burn

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O'Neal Hampton exercise with NuStep

Selfless or Selfish – It’s a Balancing Act

This week’s blog is about finding the balance between being selfless and selfish. From the time we’re young, we’re taught that being selfish is bad and being selfless is good. We learn that to be a good person, we must put others’ needs first. We hold those we consider selfless in high regard. How many

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O'Neal Hampton losing weight with NuStep Trainer

Mindful vs. Mindless Eating

Have you ever sat down in front of the TV with a bag of chips that is full one minute, empty the next and wonder how they disappeared so fast? How about stopping by your co-worker’s desk to grab some candy out of the candy jar – every single time you walk by? What about

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