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NuStep has a growing presence in many countries around the world.  Private users, physiotherapists, hospitals and homes for the elderly are discovering the benefits of owning a NuStep – we invite you to browse our website to see how our NuStep recumbent cross trainers can help you or your patients achieve lasting health results. 

Here you can also find out if there is a NuStep distributor in your country, contact NuStep directly and stay up-to-date with what’s happening at NuStep.  

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Take the First Step to a Healthier Life

NuStep’s recumbent cross trainers provide the perfect solution for a low impact, inclusive, total-body cardiovascular and strengthening workout for virtually all.  Our T4r, T5 and T5XR cross trainers have helped people all over the world attain lasting fitness results.  Now see how NuStep can improve you or your patient’s health.  Contact NuStep directly or your local NuStep distributor today.

Distributor Spotlight

Making a Splash in Norway

HUR Helse AS distributes NuStep in Norway and introduces the product throughout the entire country at exhibitions, conferences and direct customer visits. NuStep is currently represented in Norway at the finest rehab-institutions, many physiotherapist institutions, and hospitals.

Current organizations with a NuStep in the Norwegian market are experiencing users waiting in lines to use the NuStep among other users, and therefore additional NuStep’s are needed. Norwegian physiotherapists express the versatile use of NuStep products and the fact that it can be used on 95% of all their patients going through rehab an easy choice for investing in the product. Many users “light up” while they use the NuStep during their daily workout, making the NuStep a necessary product.

From Rehab to Home in Germany

GymVital, German physiotherapist specializing in older adults, has found great success with NuStep. Not only do they provide NuSteps for use by patients in their studio, they encourage patients to purchase NuStep’s for their home. The person pictured to the left tried the NuStep T5XR at GymVital and immediately decided he needed one at home. At 83 years old, recovering from a knee replacement, he trains for 20 minutes every day on his NuStep T4r. Gymvital owner Johanna is amazed at the effectiveness of NuStep for rehabilitation and training.