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Finding Your Inspiration


Hi Everybody, This week’s blog is about inspiration. If you look up the word inspire, it’s defined as something that influences or motivates you to do something – to take action. A lot of times we associate inspiration with creativity. And yes, creative people often talk about what inspires their work. Today, I want to… Read more

What Happens Once You Meet Your Goals?

O'Neal blog

Hi Everyone, This week’s blog is about what happens when you reach your goals. We’ve spent months, maybe even years, on our journey to lose weight, become more fit, and live a healthier lifestyle. We’ve counted calories, tracked our exercise, kept our eyes on the prize, stayed in it for the long haul and now… Read more

Trying To Exercise With An Injury

O'NEal's blog on injury

Hi Everyone, This week blog is about working out while nursing your injuries, the cause and effect. For many years, I lived by the motto, “no pain, no gain.” I thought that in order to achieve peak physical performance, I had to hit it hard and not let up, even if I was in pain… Read more