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T6 Recumbent Cross Trainers

Built using our popular low step-through platform, the new T6 delivers the same great quality workout NuStep users rely upon but with superior programs and features to enhance the user experience.

UE8 Upper Body Ergometer

Featuring a unique swivel drive train design, UE8 supports barrier-free access to exercise from three positions without requiring seat removal. The UE8 also features integrated sensor technology that measures exercise performance in real time.

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RB8 Recumbent Bike

The RB8 bike represents a new product line for NuStep. With inclusive design features like a low step-through and a custom recumbent seat, the RB8 is easy to access and easy to use. Engaging workout programs and real-time feedback enhance the user experience.

Success Stories

Julie Væver

NuStep Helps Me Reach My Goals! The NuStep machine has helped me gain my muscle strength and...

Spinal Cord Injury SCI NuStep Testimonial

Amanda Perla Jereczek

The NuStep Transitt Is My #1 Source Of Cardio. I love sharing the NuStep because I genuinely love...

Recovering Quadriplegic - C4,5,6 Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker

The NuStep Gifts Me Vitality! If I had to choose only one piece of health & fitness equipment,...


Eric Choi

The Swivel Seat Makes For An Easy Transfer. Being a C4, 5, and 6 complete quadriplegics there isn't...


Josh Malcak

Continue To Push Yourself! I wasn’t ever really much for truly exercising my body. Sure I’d do yoga,...

NuStep user testimonial Anna Dusbiber Gossage

Anna Dusbiber Gossage

Increasing Strength, Stability, and Ability to Stand. "I am a 30-year-old woman challenged with...

NuStep user testimonial Colleen Braun

Colleen Braun

Transitioning from P.T.  "I purchased this product in the Spring of 2006 for my Anytime Fitness...

NuStep user testimonial Jay Grove

Jay Grove

Helping Patients Regain Their Vitality and Quality of Life. “Honestly, I couldn’t do cardiac...

Gloria Reinhardt

Helping Gloria Exercise Without Pain. I have suffered with avascular necrosis for over 15 years and...

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