NuStep Cross Trainer Reviews

NuStep recumbent cross trainers play a vital role in the transformation of users and owners across the globe: individuals who use our cross trainer in therapy or in their home; clinicians working with patients in cardiac rehab; activity directors who work with residents at a senior living community; and club owners wanting to increase their membership. We share these testimonials and stories to encourage others to Take That Step with a NuStep recumbent cross trainer.

The NuStep recumbent cross trainer gives Kelly Flint a low-impact workout without joint pain.

With the help of my T5xr I have lost 130 pounds and I’m off all pain relievers. My blood pressure is now normal. Thanks NuStep.

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Lynn Zeleski in Nebraska on the NuStep T4r reduced pain levels

Following kidney surgery I went to physical therapy. To warm up...we'd workout on a NuStep T4r for 15 minutes. It wasn't long before I realized that my pain level was reduced on PT days. I started to experiment on non-PT days, working out on the NuStep for 30 minutes. Most of my pain was gone throughout the day. This was exciting!

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Sebastien Bellin's triumphant recovery with the help of a NuStep recumbent cross trainer.

Sebastien Bellin shares the story of his remarkable recovery from injuries sustained in the 2016 terrorist bombing at the Brussels Airport in Belgium. The former pro basketball player suffered extensive damage to his hip and both legs and the odds of walking again were stacked against him.

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Before and after bariatric surgery and consistent exercise on a NuStep recumbent cross trainer, assisting with significant weight loss.

Several years ago, I was circling the drain. I weighed over 300 lbs. and had excruciating pain in my arthritic feet. I had started using a cane to tolerate the pain. I had gastric bypass over 3 years and afterward, I found what the NuStep had to offer. We purchased a NuStep and have never regretted it. In approximately 15 months, I lost 185 lbs.

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After hip surgery Duane Faulkner used the NuStep T4r in physical therapy and was impressed by the lack of pain and discomfort.

Duane Faulkner was introduced to the NuStep T4r during physical therapy. Impressed by the lack of pain and discomfort as compared to using a bike or treadmill, Duane immediately knew he had to buy a NuStep for his home. He says, "This machine is the best I've ever used and I'll never be without one."

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