Buy Direct from NuStep

NuStep is a factory direct company shipping from our headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. Order directly from our website here and leverage our consumer financing program as well as our warranty… and most of all, the peace of mind knowing you have an authentic NuStep from a company that stands behind its products.

If, however, you are considering purchasing a NuStep product through a third party, we recommend you take the following steps before you make your purchase:

Ask the seller whether:

  • The machine is new or used
  • The machine has all NuStep parts or if it has been modified
  • They offer the same warranty as NuStep – 10 years frame, 5 years parts, one year labor
  • They can provide the machine’s serial number

Then, contact our Customer Service team at 800.322.4434 or and they will be happy to confirm whether:

  • The seller is an authorized NuStep distributor
  • The machine’s serial number is authentic


To order a NuStep, please call 800.322.2209 or click on the SHOP NOW button below.