NuStep for Cardiac Rehab

The staff at Michigan Heart are transforming lives in cardiac rehabilitation with the use of the NuStep recumbent cross trainer. Many times they find that NuStep is the only piece of equipment a patient can use safely and with confidence.

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At 28, Tom suffered a spinal cord injury that left him in a wheelchair for life. Years later, he tried the NuStep and finally got the total-body cardiovascular workout he had been missing.

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Hans Schuler's Story

I feel good about myself. I physically feel better every day...Finding this NuStep was a remarkable thing.

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Fred and Judy Jahnke active living couple with the NuStep recumbent cross trainer

Fred Jahnke is living with arthritis, but through exercise on the NuStep, he’s losing weight, managing his pain and, most importantly, continuing to do the things he loves with his wife Judy.

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Gerry Prince works out at Evergreen Commons

Following a double knee replacement, Gerry Prince developed a staph infection that ravaged his body and left him in a wheelchair. Doctors said he would never walk again, but Gerry was determined to make the best of it.

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Home Workout with the NuStep

My NuStep arrived this week and I've used it every day. I'm slowly working up to more time. I have it placed where I can look out the window while I'm exercising and the time goes swiftly. Most importantly, I'm already feeling stronger!

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NuStep recumbent elliptical cross trainer

I use the NuStep at physical therapy (Back In Action, Tamarac, FL), so I knew the product and wanted to find a used one. My therapist warned "Good luck. They're snapped up fast, usually by other therapists!

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Aim High School and NuStep - Exercise and Autism

NuStep donated two T4r cross trainers to our high school. We were so excited to get that donation because we knew that they would make a tremendous difference in the health of our students and their growing relationship with physical fitness.

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Doris Flickner uses the NuStep at Pine Village

I decided it was time to campaign to get a new NuStep to replace our oldest one. I started the ball rolling by donating the first $100 towards a new one. I know how much the NuStep can help others.

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NuStep at Chelsea Hospital

Having the NuStep in our clinic, we’ve noticed that our outcomes are much better and our manual therapy treatments are more effective.

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