NuStep Cross Trainer Reviews

NuStep recumbent cross trainers play a vital role in the transformation of users and owners across the globe: individuals who use our cross trainer in therapy or in their home; clinicians working with patients in cardiac rehab; activity directors who work with residents at a senior living community; and club owners wanting to increase their membership. We share these testimonials and stories to encourage others to Take That Step with a NuStep recumbent cross trainer.

Using NuStep helps Bob walk pain free and limp free

I have been working with NuStep ever since my physical therapist released me and said, 'you need to walk again.' I've had surgeries which have required me to use the NuStep machines to help me get back to where I would want to be. That's pain-free, limping-free, and NuStep has helped me immensely!

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Shirley A.  85-year-old resident and NuStep user at Carlyle Place

Our residents love using these machines because they provide a great workout that is easy on their joints. Our only problem with the NuSteps has been the limited number available in our facility!

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NuStep for Cardiac Rehab

The staff at Michigan Heart are transforming lives in cardiac rehabilitation with the use of the NuStep recumbent cross trainer. Many times they find that NuStep is the only piece of equipment a patient can use safely and with confidence.

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At 28, Tom suffered a spinal cord injury that left him in a wheelchair for life. Years later, he tried the NuStep and finally got the total-body cardiovascular workout he had been missing.

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Hans Schuler's Story

I feel good about myself. I physically feel better every day...Finding this NuStep was a remarkable thing.

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O'Neal Hampton discovered NuStep when he was a contestant on the TV show, "The Biggest Loser." He exercised on NuStep recumbent cross trainers because the workout was low impact and didn't hurt his knees. After he lost the weight, he again used NuStep to recover from his double knee replacements.

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Fred and Judy Jahnke active living couple with the NuStep recumbent cross trainer

Fred Jahnke is living with arthritis, but through exercise on the NuStep, he’s losing weight, managing his pain and, most importantly, continuing to do the things he loves with his wife Judy.

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Gerry Prince works out at Evergreen Commons

Following a double knee replacement, Gerry Prince developed a staph infection that ravaged his body and left him in a wheelchair. Doctors said he would never walk again, but Gerry was determined to make the best of it.

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Home Workout with the NuStep

My NuStep arrived this week and I've used it every day. I'm slowly working up to more time. I have it placed where I can look out the window while I'm exercising and the time goes swiftly. Most importantly, I'm already feeling stronger!

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NuStep recumbent elliptical cross trainer

I use the NuStep at physical therapy (Back In Action, Tamarac, FL), so I knew the product and wanted to find a used one. My therapist warned "Good luck. They're snapped up fast, usually by other therapists!

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