NuStep at Chelsea Hospital

Having the NuStep in our clinic, we’ve noticed that our outcomes are much better and our manual therapy treatments are more effective.

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Kathy Wallin - NuStep and exercise for MS

Because of my work on the NuStep – I have been able to gain so much strength and stability that it does allow me to do the other things I love to do.

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NuStep for health clubs

As we’ve expanded the use of the NuStep to the broader community, we’ve been really encouraged to hear the success stories of our participants.

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NuStep Exercise without Pain

Gloria hasn't been able to exercise without pain in a very long time. With the NuStep, she can get the exercise she needs to improve her life.

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Jay Grove- Cardiac Rehab with NuStep

Honestly, I couldn’t do cardiac rehabilitation without the NuStep. In my experience I have found the NuStep machine invaluable.

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NuStep in health clubs - Anytime Fitness

It has probably been the best piece of equipment I own. Especially for cardiac rehab, hip and knee replacements, obesity and the elderly.

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NuStep - exercise for cerebral palsy

To move and burn calories never happened on a regular basis until I got on the NuStep on January 6, 2010. This is an amazing machine!

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