Carlyle Place

NuStep user testimonial Carlyle Place Navicent Health

Carlyle Place Residents Love Exercising on their NuStep. 

Carlyle Place, Navicent Health is a Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Macon, Georgia. We have had two NuSteps in our Exercise Equipment Room since Carlyle Place opened in September 2001. Our seniors exercise with these machines because they love them! NuStep cross trainers provide a great workout that is easy on their joints. Our only problem with the NuSteps has been the limited number available in our facility! Therefore, when an opportunity recently became available to expand our fitness space, two additional NuSteps were on the very top of our “Needed Equipment” list.

I began working with Brenda Richardson, an amazing NuStep Active Living Consultant, to determine which model would be best for our clientele. After discussing our options, we selected the T5XR with oversized seats. They were delivered and installed at the beginning of March (2015), and our residents absolutely love them! These NuSteps are very user-friendly, from the easy-to-see electronic display to the adjustable seats and handles.

We would certainly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a sturdy piece of equipment that provides a great total body workout. It is a nice walking alternative for seniors, especially those who are recovering from knee or hip surgery or cardiac and pulmonary complications. But, don’t be fooled—these machines are also great for people in good physical shape, who are interested in incorporating variety into a new or existing workout.

Susan Bankston, Wellness Manager

Carlyle Place, Navicent Health

Macon, Georgia