Continue Rehab at Home

Buying a NuStep for your home can be an important next step after rehab.  With a NuStep cross trainer, you’ll get the same high quality exercise equipment you used in rehab.  And exercising on the NuStep at home can help you continue your progress, prevent physical decline and improve your overall health.

Cardiac Rehab and Heart Health

NuStep cross trainers have helped countless people regain their strength and improve their heart health following a heart event. The features that make NuStep invaluable during cardiac rehab, are equally valuable for a home maintenance program. 

Orthopedic Injuries and Surgery

Users recovering from orthopedic injuries or surgery need a smooth, low-impact exercise option.  The simulated walking motion and low-inertia start-up of our cross trainers allow for a fluid, natural movement.  

Neurological Injuries

For those living with paralysis, lack of access to exercise is a difficult barrier to overcome.  NuStep recumbent cross trainers help remove those barriers and provide access to exercise that may help users gain strength and independence, get valuable cardiovascular exercise, or lose and maintain weight.  

All NuStep Cross Trainers Feature:

  • Wheelchair-height seat that swivels 360 degrees, locking at every 45 degrees for easier transfers. 
  • Sturdy grab bars 
  • Locking feature to stabilize arms and legs while entering or exiting 
  • Compatibility with our adaptive equipment for users needed added stability for their legs, hands or torso while exercising