T4R Leg Stabilizer

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NuStep offers advanced support for users with lower body deficiencies or weaknesses that require better leg and foot alignment to achieve better results. Bilateral configuration allows use with two legs simultaneously. Unilateral configuration allows use for one leg only.
  • Eliminates leg abduction or adduction
  • Adjustable to keep legs in proper alignment
  • Attaches on thigh to minimize knee torque
  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Leg Stabilizer holder offers easy access and storage
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Washable neoprene strap, no latex
  • Sanitary and cleanable
  • U.S. Patent 7,540,830

T4R Unilateral Leg Stabilizer Accessory Kit

Part #: 45640

Price: $475.00

1 leg stabilizer, 1 standard strap, 1 seat mounting bracket and holder

T4R Bilateral Leg Stabilizer Accessory Kit

Part #: 45641

Price: $825.00

2 leg stabilizers, 2 standard straps, 1 seat mounting bracket and holder

T4R Leg Stabilizer Mounting Bracket Accessory Installed Kit

Part #: 45642

Price: $65.00

1 Seat Mounting Bracket

Leg Stabilizer Strap, Regular - 26"

Part #: 51035

Price: $55.00

Leg Stabilizer Strap, Large - 33"

Part #: 51056

Price: $55.00

Leg Stabilizer Only

Part #: 51070

Price: $350.00


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