Physical Therapy

Accessible Equipment for Physical Therapy 

The ergonomic design, easy on and off access, and unique upper and lower body workout accommodate patients with a wide range of conditions.  Our adaptive equipment provides additional support to those with limited mobility

Recommended Models for Physical Therapy Settings









Research plays an integral role in validating the effectiveness of the NuStep recumbent cross trainer for a wide range of users. 

Moving the Arms to Activate the Legs in Gait Rehabilitation Therapy

Biomechanical Comparison of Two Lower Extremity Exercise Machines Used for Knee Injury Rehabilitation


March Bouthton

Marcy Boughton, MSPT

Chelsea, MI

“Having the NuStep in our clinic, we’ve noticed that our outcomes are much better, and our manual therapy treatments are more effective.
With the NuStep, this patient is safe and able to (for the first time) engage the hip and knee stabilizers without strain to the cartilage or risk falling.”

March Bouthton

Gerry Prince

Holland, MI

After exercising on the NuStep regularly for several months, Gerry was able to move his legs on his own. His doctors were astounded and sent him to three months of intense therapy to maximize the gains he was experiencing.