Impact of a Stroke Recovery Program Integrating Modified Cardiac Rehabilitation on All-Cause Mortality, Cardiovascular Performance and Functional Performance

Research Summary

This study showed that a stroke recovery program (SRP) integrating modified cardiac rehabilitation (CR) was safe, well received, and showed an increase in cardiovascular and functional performance as well as a decrease in all-cause mortality.


Sara J. Cuccurullo, MD, Talya K. Fleming, MD, William J. Kostis, MD, PhD, Christine Greiss, DO, Martin S. Gizzi, MD, PhD, Anne Eckert, AuD, MBA, CCC/A, Arlen Razon Ray, PT, Rosann Scarpati, RN, Nora M. Cosgrove, RN, CCRC, Traymon Beavers, BS, Javier Cabrera, PhD, Davit Sargsyan, MS, and John B. Kostis, MD, D. Phil

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