5 Reasons to LOVE the NuStep!


by | Mar 24, 2016 | blog

I was a long distance runner for over 30 years. I am currently 63 years old. I developed arthritis in my lower back. The pain hurt so much. I thought I’d never be able to work out again. The pounding of running is incredibly damaging for some people. I am also a cancer survivor and exercise was the miracle that got me through chemo treatments. When I discovered the NuStep at my physical therapist’s office it was love at first site.

Five Reasons Why I Love the NuStep: 

  1. The lumbar support on the seat is incredibly comfortable and my back never bothers me during or after a workout. I think that is fantastic!
  2. The NuStep provides me with a GREAT workout. I want to exercise hard, which means that I need to finish my workout with a soaked t-shirt. In my opinion, a workout must be challenging. I look for that “runner’s high” feeling. The NuStep delivers all of that.
  3. I am almost 3 years post cancer treatment and I believe exercise allows me to remain healthy. The NuStep provides a challenging workout without damaging my joints. I used to feel beaten up and sore after a run. I don’t feel that way after a NuStep workout. My doctor’s are thrilled that the NuStep has become an important part of my life and my recovery.
  4. My feet never go numb! On the elliptical trainer my feet used to go numb. This never occurs when I workout with the NuStep. The NuStep is also much quieter, no clanging or banging, just a soft hum.
  5. What makes NuStep the absolute best? It is made in America, which means American made quality by American workers!

Thank you, NuStep!

Constance J Cox
Annapolis, MD.

Results may vary for individual users. We encourage our customers to share their success stories with us. Constance has no affiliation with NuStep and is not a paid endorser. Constance’s opinion of NuStep and NuStep products is entirely her own. We could not be happier to be apart of Constance’s recovery and daily exercise routine. We wish her the best of luck as she continues towards her fitness goals.

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