7 Ways To Get Motivated To NuStep!


by | Apr 14, 2016 | blog

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of warming up and cooling down.

Before you begin your NuStep workout, warm-up at a low resistance level (e.g., level 2 or 3) for 5 minutes. Then, when you are done with your 30 minute workout, take time to cool down at the same low resistance level for 5 minutes.

2. Set achievable and realistic goals.

If you are just beginning a NuStep workout routine, maintain a lower resistance level (e.g., level 4) for the duration of your workout. Then, every day try to increase that resistance (e.g., level 6 or 7) and stay at that level for a few 60 second intervals. Follow the same steps to increase your steps per minute. This way you will gradually increase your strength and endurance, while challenging yourself. Make a goal to be able to reach resistance level 6 and hold that for the bulk of your workout.

3. Make sure your workout is fun.

Incorporate a music playlist, pick out a film to watch, take your NuStep outside, play a game on your IPad or indulge in a good book while you NuStep. Take advantage of whatever works for you, to keep you NuStepping towards your goals.

4. Re-frame exercise as a reward.

Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment for eating too much chocolate or ice cream. Instead, try to view exercise as a reward after a hard day at work. See it as a time for stress relief so you can unwind and have some YOU time.

5. Mix things up!

Once you have your NuStep routine set in stone, it is important to remember to regularly change things up. Increase your resistance level and/or your steps per minute. Try using just your arms or just your legs at various intervals during your workout. If you feel up to it and have cleared it with your doctor, incorporate weights or utilize high intensity interval training.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others or let the scale stress you out.

Everyone is different and because of this, you may have different results than someone else. Don’t panic if it takes a month to see measurable results. The scale isn’t the only judge of how you are doing with your fitness routine. You may lose inches, increase muscle mass and lose fat mass. These are all positive changes that are important and beneficial to your health. Adapting to an active lifestyle may take time, especially if your body is used to being mostly sedentary. Keep going, stick to your plan and be patient, results will follow. Just remember you are doing this to be healthy.


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