80lb Weight Loss Success!

by | Jan 22, 2016 | blog

I truly appreciate the NuStep machine. In April of 2015, at the age of 49, I weighed 327 lbs.

At this time, I was also living with uncontrollable diabetes as well as a severe spinal injury which has resulted in partial paraplegia. For all of these reasons, conventional exercise was not not feasible.

I wanted to get healthy so I began adhering to a diet and I started an exercise routine which incorporated a NuStep machine. As of January 21st 2016, I have successfully lost 80 lbs.!

I use the NuStep machine 3 times per week, for the duration of anywhere between 45-75 minutes, depending on the level of resistance and my leg endurance.

This weight loss wouldn’t have been possible in this time frame without this machine. I’m down 12 waist sizes, 2 shoes sizes and am currently at pre-diabetic A1C levels.

Richard R. Hernandez

Results may vary for individual users. Richards determination to keep exercising on the NuStep has lead to this fantastic customer success story. We encourage our customers to share their success stories with us. Richard has no affiliation with NuStep and is not a paid endorser. We could not be happier to have been apart of transforming Richards life.

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