Aging Well


by | Oct 24, 2016 | blog

This blog is so near and dear to me for obvious reasons, I am aging. I guess we are all aging, even those who are much younger than me.

So the aging process becomes very important to us all.

The good news about aging is that there are things we can do every day to benefit our mind, body and soul.

Even if you have developed chronic health issues, you can still enhance our quality of life as you age.

Here are a few things you can do.

-Staying Active: staying active is so important. In some instances staying active may mean adapting to a new routine that we are not used to. Depending on your age and your activity level, you may be able to perform many different exercises. You could go for a nice brisk walk, do yard work, walk the fairway instead of using the golf cart, or wash and wax your car. It is important to just keep moving.

-Engaging in the world around you: Isn’t it wonderful when you take the time to watch the sun rise or set? It gives you a reason for getting up in the morning. Then something as simple as meditating in the morning can help you plan your day and have something to look forward too.

-Eating Healthy: eating healthy helps fuel your body. NEMD (New England Medical Journal) says, “you can stop the cold virus by eating healthy and leading an active lifestyle.” You may even be able to reduce the length of a cold or how bad the virus can affect you. As we age, that’s important.

-Getting Enough Sleep: A lot of us confuse sleep with rest. Please let me be totally clear on this, you need really good sleep. I’m talking about REM sleeping. If you’re getting a half hour of rest time without sleep, that’s not the same thing. Lack of sleep can start the onset of Diabetes and it can cause weight gain. Sleeping is a very important piece of aging well.

-Training Your Brain
-Volunteering Your Time
-Growing Your Faith

All of those helpful tips to consider can keep you aging well throughout the years.


This Week O’Nealism:
As we get older, we should never stop reaching for the stars. We also shouldn’t limit our means to reach them with our mind, body and soul.

Stay Healthy My Friends,

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