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by | Sep 11, 2015 | blog

Its been 7 weeks, and I’m down 10 pounds. I’m weighing in at 165, not exactly where I wanted to be, but life gets in the way and that is something I continue to work on.

I love my NuStep and the fact that it is right in my living room. However, I still find it difficult to do everything I want to do with my goals. I’m learning how to eat healthier, make better choices, and be more active as far as exercise.

I started my journey at level 2 on my NuStep and was lucky to get 10 mins in and my goal was 10,000 steps a week. I’ve noticed a significant change as I’m now up to level 5 and 25,000 steps a week, plus some additional walking.

Having 3 kids in sports and a husband that is ill does interfere with a lot of my routine. Sometimes its just easier to skip a workout, but then I feel guilty. I find myself so exhausted that when I do find down time, I just want to sleep.

School starts this week for my kids. I am trying to get them prepared and focused. I’m chairing the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event on Sept 20th 2015. I also have a trip to California coming up, where I will be speaking this year at the star studded event Hilarity for Charity.

I want to lose another 10-15 lbs before next month. I really have to set my goals high and prioritize what I really want. I cant make excuses, I just have to get it done. I have had success thus far and I just have to commit to the process and believe in myself.

If I can do this, so can you. It’s a matter of committing to a healthier you, little by little it will happen.

About Nikki Dodson

Nikki Dodson is a mother of three and a full-time caregiver for her husband, Ken, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's seven years ago, when he was just 30 years old. Nikki is working hard to lose 30 pounds by exercising on her NuStep and eating healthy. Nikki Dodson is a NuStep spokesperson.