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Hi everyone,

Last week, I was on vacation at a family reunion in Seattle, WA. I’m sure someone who doesn’t know me is thinking,” Why is he blogging about his family reunion?” I’m blogging about this topic because it represents a real situation where you may be tempted to stray from your health and wellness plan.

I told everyone at the start of my blog series that I was going to be totally honest and I was going to maintain transparency. That being said, I wasn’t always on course with my plan while on vacation. I didn’t overindulge but I didn’t restrict my eating habits to the extreme either. I just enjoyed myself and the time I had with my family and friends.

I love my family and we haven’t had a family reunion in years. Normally, we get together for a funeral or when someone is ill. It was so nice to come together without a cause for sadness or sorrow.

We reminisced about good times and bad times. One of the topics we talked at length about was health. We discussed relatives who were struggling with health related issues. We talked about doctor’s appointments and what we should be asking our doctors, in regards to our family medical history.

I believe it’s a lot easier talking about medical and health concerns, when you’re not in an environment of doom and gloom. That is one of the reasons why this family reunion was great.

We had lots of fun! My brother, Arece Hampton, and his wife, Leslie, did an outstanding job hosting all of us. They had healthy activities planned. We walked all over enjoying the sights and took a ferry boat to a few small towns on Puget Sound. Touring around Seattle was so much fun!

I’m back home now and getting back in to my routine with my NuStep. I’m focusing on my continuous journey towards healthiness. Remember that going off plan is a part of reality. What truly matters is sticking to your goals and getting back on course after you have diverted

On the last night of our reunion, Arece, said, “Let’s take a pledge that we all stay healthy until our next family reunion.” Then he passed hosting responsibility on to me. Next year’s family reunion will be here in Minnesota.

So if anyone wants to stop by, “The More, The Merrier.” I’m hoping all of you will take the same pledge to stay healthy.

This Weeks O’Nealism:

Your family, older generations and younger generations represent two very important things. Firstly, the older generation is your greatest link to the Past. Secondly, the younger generation is our brightest hope for the Future.

Stay Healthy My Friends!

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