Finding the Right Support System

by | Mar 26, 2014 | blog

This week’s blog is about having a support system as you go through life for anything you want to achieve, whether that’s physically, mentally, financially or emotionally. Having a support system is really the key to staying on track.

Please don’t get support system confused with enablers though. An enabler is a ‘yes man’ who will tell you that you don’t necessarily have to work out today or you don’t have to eat healthy today or you don’t have to pay that bill. An enabler will say “don’t worry you can do that later.”

A real support system will say no, challenge you, and keep it real. They will encourage you to do the things that are better for you and help you make good decisions. They will be your biggest cheerleader when you’re on track and your biggest dose of reality when you’re falling off the wagon. Those are the characteristics of a support system.

Of course, support system or not, in the end, the responsibility is ours. I’ve talked before about the need to be right on the inside to change the outside. We should never change to make another person, like your husband or wife or kids happy, because soon enough we’ll find a way to use those relationships to quit. We will say something like “well I can’t get to the gym today because my kids need me to get home early instead.” These people want you to succeed and do what you need to better yourself. Don’t use them as a reason or an excuse, but lean on them for support instead. I promise they can handle it.

We truly all need a support system in all of our endeavors. I know for a fact troubles don’t seem as big when you share them. A great example was the support Sunshine and I gave each other when we were on The Biggest Loser Ranch. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. As long as we are on this earth, we need the support of loved ones.

Stay healthy my friends

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