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by | Nov 28, 2016 | blog

Thanksgiving is over! It’s time for us to get back on that horse we call, “fitness.” We have a couple more holidays right around the corner, Christmas and New Years.

It’s time for us to get focused and concentrate on getting through the rest of this year. If we start laying the ground work now, we can roll into the New Year with life changing goals.

We have about 3 1/2 weeks before Christmas. A study conducted by the US government found that adults gained, on average, more than a pound of body weight during the winter holidays. It was also considered unlikely, that these adults would lose weight going into the new year.

The good news is the people who maintain their physical activity through the holiday season, show the least weight gain. Some were even reported to lose weight during the holiday season. We can be mindful of the time we have, by being physically active and making healthy food choices.

Here are some tips to consider. Don’t focus on eating food and drinking this holiday season. Instead, embrace the meaning of the season and do something wise with your time that will make an impact.

Consider volunteering your time at a local food shelter or prepare a few meals for the homeless. Another great idea would be to get your whole family involved in a project that helps those who are less fortunate, either through your church or your community center.

This will keep you active and smiling through the holidays, because you have made a difference in the lives of others.

All the holiday goodies will still be there to tempt you and it’s important to use moderation. Skip the store bought holiday cookies & treats. They most likely have more chemicals and preservatives in them, then anything you would make at home. In my opinion, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the back, chances are you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Don’t forget to budget your treats. Try making homemade snacks to bring to work or to share with your friends and family. This way you will be able to indulge in some homemade goodies but you’ll also be sharing quite a bit with others.

Don’t totally deprive yourself or your willpower will eventually give out and you may end up overeating. It’s all about having a physical and mental plan for the holidays, so that we can stay on track.

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This Week O’Nealism:

Listen hard, I’m going to tell you “The Big Secret” to staying healthy and losing weight over the holidays… “THERE IS NO SECRET.” All it takes is hard work, commitment, and dedication.

Stay Healthy My Friends,

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