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by | Aug 10, 2016 | blog

Hi Everyone,

I am continuing from last week, with some of my tips for you to make positive changes in your life.

Here are a couple of things that I think you need: Commitment, Discipline and Courage, as well as someone to help you along the way like an accountable partner.

Some people will tell you it takes 21 days or 6 weeks to break old habits and start to form good habits.

I am calling B/S on that statement.
If that was totally true then please tell me why are health clubs are extremely crowded in January but empty by the middle of February? That’s longer then 6 weeks or 21 days.

What you truly need is Commitment. You can get that in one day but you need to have discipline after you make the choice to commit. The next thing you need to do is have the courage to sustain the changes you’re going through.

I have had several break-through moments throughout the course of my journey, you will too. One of my most memorable moments was when I was introduced to the NuStep recumbent cross trainer while I was on The Biggest Loser.

I had serious knee issues for many years that prevented me from working out and negatively impacted my quality of life. I refused to let the issues with my knee stop me from achieving my goals.

I started using the NuStep recumbent cross-trainer, which at the time, was the only piece of equipment I could use. It’s an all inclusive machine that delivers a total-body work out.

I was able to get my cardio exercise and sustain it. NuStep allowed me to burn calories at a steady rate, while I was on the show. It was also my “Rock of Gibraltar” as I went through my two knee replacements.

The NuStep is not just for the aging Community. It’s great for Rehabilitation. I’m using it for my daily workouts and I believe it helps me help lower my risk of chronic diseases.
I also work to maintain healthy eating habits.

So for a quick recap please have the Commitment, the Discipline and the Courage to make the changes you have been wanting to make in your life.

This weeks O’Nealism:
“It is exactly 18 inches from your Heart to your Brain. That’s a true medical fact. So until you connect those 18 inches from your heart to your brain, you’ll be spinning in a circle. Connect those 18 inches for the change you are seeking.”

Stay Healthy My Friends,

About O'Neal Hampton

After being diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and weighing 420 pounds, O’Neal Hampton Jr. became a contestant during the 2010 season of NBC’s "The Biggest Loser." It was then that he was introduced to NuStep. Through the O'Neal Hampton Wellness Foundation, he educates others on the value and importance of exercise and nutrition. O’Neal Hampton Jr. is a NuStep spokesperson.