Cardiac Rehab Programs and NuStep Cross Trainers: A Healing Connection


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First, A Little History.

NuStep cross trainers have been mainstay of cardiac rehab programs since the 1990’s. However, NuStep’s origins date back to the 1960’s. That’s when Dick Sarns, a biomedical engineer started his first company, Sarns, Inc., to develop medical devices for heart surgery. Among those was the heart lung machine used in open heart surgeryFull SEO Service.

During that same decade, a study offered new insights about the role of exercise after a heart event. Previously, generations of heart patients were restricted from any type of physical activity during their recovery. This study, and others that followed, showed the negative effects of prolonged bed rest. It also offered powerful proof that physical activity was beneficial for heart patients.

As acceptance of these findings grew, cardiac rehabilitation began to evolve, subsequently moving toward a more comprehensive approach. One of the most notable developments? Medically prescribed exercise.

This viewpoint about the benefit of exercise for heart patients had not escaped Dick’s attention. In fact, it led to a shift in his focus. In the late 1980’s, he began a new company to create safe, accessible exercise equipment for cardiac rehab.

After years of development, Dick and his team introduced the total body recumbent stepper in the 1990’s. It was the first product of its kind for cardiac rehabilitation.



NuStep Cross Trainers Meets Users Where They Are.

Today, cardiac rehab is a multi-phase program in which participants have individualized treatment plans. They learn about making lifestyle changes and set goals for their recovery journey. And today, NuStep cross trainers continue to be an integral piece of these programs.

What accounts for the NuStep’s continued acceptance in cardiac rehab programs? The design and functionality of NuStep cross trainers can accommodate users wherever they are in their recovery journey.

For those in the beginning of their cardiac rehab program, the NuStep helps make safe, effective exercise possible. Features like a low step-through, swivel seat, locking feature and grab ring promote easy access on and off the machine. And, with NuStep’s user-controlled step length and low inertia start up, it is easy to use. Even for those who are weak and deconditioned.


And Takes Them Where They Want to Go.

As users progress to the next phase of their cardiac rehab programs, NuStep cross trainers can continue to help them reach new fitness goals. Multiple resistance levels allow users to adjust their workout as they regain strength and build cardiovascular endurance. Even as users increase the resistance and duration of their workout, the smooth stepping motion helps minimize joint stress.

One of the things heart patients learn during cardiac rehab is that even though the program ends, the work to keep their hearts healthy cannot. It must become a part of their everyday life. For many who used the NuStep during each phase of their cardiac rehab program, their next step has been to continue their NuStep workouts at home.

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