Are NuStep Cross Trainers the Right Equipment Choice for Beginners?


by | Aug 4, 2020 | blog

Beginners and NuStep Cross Trainers.

For older adults who are new to exercise and want to buy exercise equipment for their home, a NuStep cross trainer can be the right equipment choice for beginners. But, before making that decision, there’s a lot to consider.

First things first. Even if you are a healthy older adult, talk with your doctor about your exercise plans. It’s an important step to take to make sure your plan is safe and right for you. And for those with chronic health conditions, a conversation with your doctor is even more important.


Inventory Your Needs

Before buying exercise equipment, take a realistic inventory of your current fitness level and functional ability. For example, do you have orthopedic issues like arthritic knees or shoulders? Are you overweight? Do you have mobility limitations?

This may seem like you’re focusing on what you can’t do. However, this process will help define what exercise equipment would meet your current needs.


Define Your Goals

elderly_lady_smiling_while_exercising_on_a_nustep_seated_stepperThink about what you want to achieve by using your new equipment. Again with a good dose of reality. Do you want to improve overall fitness, build strength, increase endurance, improve balance, lose weight, manage a chronic condition?

Looking at where you are right now and setting specific, realistic and achievable fitness goals will help you make the right choice.


NuStep Cross Trainers – The Right Choice

For thousands of older adults who have invested in exercise equipment, the right choice has been NuStep recumbent cross trainers.

Designed for accessibility and ease of use, NuStep cross trainers accommodate exercisers of virtually all ages, fitness levels and functional abilities.

Because the NuStep cross trainer provides a total-body cardio and strength workout from a secure seated position, it is appropriate for beginning exercisers – even those who have never exercised before.

Safety features like a 360° swivel seat and sturdy grab bar add stability for exercisers as they get on and off the machine. And with the NuStep’s easy start up, user-controlled step length and smooth stepping motion, exercisers get a low impact workout that won’t overstress their joints.

As exercisers build strength, endurance and confidence, they can adjust the resistance level of their work out to challenge themselves and start working toward their next fitness goal.

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