What is an Upper Body Ergometer?

NuStep Upper Body Ergometer

by | Jun 3, 2021 | blog

Defining Upper Body Ergometers.

An upper body ergometer is a piece of exercise equipment that, as the name suggests, works the upper body. It also measures the work of the upper body muscles during exercise.

Often referred to as an “arm bike,” the upper body ergometer uses a cycling motion like a bicycle, except that you “pedal” with your arms. That arm-pedaling motion provides a cardio workout that improves cardiovascular endurance and pulmonary function. It’s also a strength workout, one that strengthens the muscles in the chest, back, arms, shoulders and core.


Who Uses Them?

Upper body ergometers are used in physical therapy for clients recovering from injuries such as wrist, elbow or shoulder fractures or from surgery. Those in cardiac and pulmonary rehab use upper body ergometers as well.

In addition to rehab, upper body ergometers are also used in fitness settings. Members use them as a cross-training option or a way to add variety to their workouts. And, upper body ergometers are a user-friendly option for members who have limited lower body function or who use a wheelchair.


Accessibility and Versatility Make the Difference

When it comes to exercise equipment features, accessibility and versatility are essential to addressing the exercise needs of a wide range of users. This holds true for upper body ergometers.

Traditional upper body ergometers, for example, only offer seated workouts. Others also provide access for standing and/or wheelchair users. However, these models require seat removal and, typically, staff assistance to remove the seat. Then, wheelchair users must navigate over exposed seat rails to approach the ergometer. Standing users have to straddle the seat rails as they exercise.


The NuStep UE8 – A First Of Its Kind

NuStep’s UE8 upper body ergometer provides versatile, barrier-free access to exercise from three positions: seated, standing and a wheelchair. What makes the UE8 a first of its kind? Unlike other upper body ergometers, the UE8 does not require seat removal to accommodate standing or wheelchair users.

The UE8’s key design feature is its swivel drive train. With the touch of a finger, the drive train is easy to reposition and adjust. As such, it allows quick, independent access for users with varying degrees of mobility, including those who use wheelchairs.

Because the seat stays on, the UE8 also enhances safety by removing the potential tripping hazard of an exposed seat rail. And, it eliminates the need to store the seat once it has been removed.

The UE8 also incorporates inclusive design features of NuStep’s proven recumbent cross trainer platform, including:

  • 360-degree swivel seat that reclines
  • moveable arm rests
  • weight capacity up to 600 lbs.
  • wide seat model

To learn more about the UE8, and how it can benefit your clients or members, click here.


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