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remove barriers to exercise with nustep

It’s not news that regular exercise plays a key role in healthy aging. Study after study demonstrates that older adults – from the fit to the frail – can experience a wide range of physical and mental benefits from regular exercise.

Despite this overwhelming evidence, a significant number of older adults are sedentary. Many are reluctant to exercise because of fears they will fall, experience pain or worsen an existing health condition.

The challenge for health and wellness professionals who work with older adults is to remove these perceived barriers to exercise. NuStep cross trainers can help eliminate those barriers.

Accessible and easy to use, NuStep cross trainers deliver a total-body cardio and strength training workout that may help improve strength, endurance and overall physical fitness. Our adaptive equipment makes it possible for people with limited mobility, balance issues or cognitive decline to get the aerobic exercise they need.

Proud recipient of the International Council on Active Aging Inspire Award