The Workout is the Easy Part

by | Jan 28, 2014 | blog

If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser, you’ll have seen me and other contestants sweating, crying and screaming during intense workout sessions that pushed us to our limits. Don’t get me wrong, those were real workouts and real emotions, but I’m here to tell you that the workout is the easy part.

Of course, most people wouldn’t work out so intensely or for such long periods of time in the real world, but if you’ve got a goal to lose weight and change your body you are definitely going to have to put in hard work at the gym. But first, you’ve got to get yourself there, and that’s the hard part.

It can be so difficult to get off the couch or fight the snooze button and so easy to say you’re too busy with work/school/family. I know and understand that struggle all too well. Staying positive and motivated is not an easy thing to do, but it is very necessary on our journey to health and happiness.

Sitting around thinking about the workout is way harder than the act itself. Once you get to the gym or get on your NuStep, you realize that your workout actually feels good and you had so much more energy than you thought you had when you started. That soreness as you do one last rep isn’t pain, it’s progress! So how do you get there?

The key to getting to the gym is three-fold:

Make a workout part of your regular schedule and stick to it. If your weekly schedule is constantly changing, sit down every Sunday night with your calendar and put in your workout days.
Carry around a physical reminder of why you want to work out in the first place to help keep you motivated when the excuses start rolling in. Maybe it’s a goal weight or your ‘before’ picture, or a family photo. Constantly remind yourself that there’s a bigger reason to get up off the couch!

Have someone hold you accountable. Share your goals with a close friend or family member and ask them to help you stay motivated on days when you just don’t want to go. Be honest with them about how you’re doing and lean on them for support. You cannot make big life changes like this alone.
So don’t be afraid of the workout, that’s the easy part. Be ready to go to battle with your inner-self and create a support system around you!

Stay healthy my friends.

About O'Neal Hampton

After being diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and weighing 420 pounds, O’Neal Hampton Jr. became a contestant during the 2010 season of NBC’s "The Biggest Loser." It was then that he was introduced to NuStep. Through the O'Neal Hampton Wellness Foundation, he educates others on the value and importance of exercise and nutrition. O’Neal Hampton Jr. is a NuStep spokesperson.