We’re NuStepping all day long to fight Alzheimer’s.


by | Jun 15, 2015 | blog

Certainly, Alzheimer’s Disease profoundly affects the people suffering from it. But it also impacts the lives of spouses, children, grand children, friends and other loved ones, who oftentimes take on the additional role as caregiver, a daunting task.

Nikki Dodson knows about being related to and caring for an Alzheimer’s patient all too well. Her husband was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at the age of just 30. For Nikki and countless other caregivers, each day can feel like the longest day of their lives.

On June 21, 2015—the longest day of the year—people all over the world will be doing what they love to do from sunup to sundown as part of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Longest Day event to fight this debilitating disease.

At NuStep, we’ll be doing something we love to do: NuStepping.

Please join us on Sunday, June 21 as we support Nikki and the Alzheimer’s Association in advancing the care of patients, support of caregivers, and research into advancing toward a cure for Alzheimer’s.

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