T5 Foot Secure System

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Combines the ease of ski boot style adjustment with the effectiveness of two foot straps to secure the feet.

  • Adjustable to fit any foot
  • Easy ratchet adjustment
  • Dual straps for stability
  • Configurable heel support
  • Can be stored under pedals



What is full service delivery?

Full service delivery includes freight transportation to your address and placement inside your home. The delivery company will contact you prior to the delivery to schedule a date and time (4-hour window) for your delivery. The delivery personnel will place your NuStep in your chosen location within your home. They will also take the product packaging material away from your home.

Will the delivery personnel show me how to use the NuStep?

No, the delivery personnel do not show you how to use the NuStep. They are contracted for deliveries only.  Review all of our FAQs.