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To increase your membership numbers, you should show that you care about being all-inclusive. We all want to be at our athletic best, that’s why we are in the fitness industry. As you strive to be the best fitness leader, motivator and business person, you know to be successful you’ll have to maintain and increase clientele. It is vital to have a facility that offers a vast array of fitness equipment in order to increase membership.

A growing trend among fitness centers is to be as inclusive as possible. There are several reasons: to be the go-to center for physical therapist referrals, the active aging group and those who simply can’t use the current equipment due to size, age or functionality. Most importantly, it will increase membership.

The clients who walk through your doors may want to achieve a level of athletic independence or they may desire a low impact range of motion on a machine that can still guarantee a sweaty, heart pumping, muscle strengthening workout. You’ll need a cutting edge exercise machine, that can be used by virtually everyone who joins your gym.

NuStep will push them to their limits and deliver a fierce workout set, in the safest and most accommodating way possible.

NuSteps allow virtually any individual to ease into exercise and make a transition to an active, healthy lifestyle while providing a fun, energetic and engaging way to workout. The design of our machine is preferred and recommended by most physical therapists. Our cross trainers allow users the ability to move from a step-to-cycle motion.

It is paramount to health care professionals that patients can continue care beyond physical therapy. When the sessions are over, mostly due to coverage, the therapist generally recommends continued therapy. Many physical therapists advise their patients to join gym facilities that offer NuStep machines, once therapy sessions have concluded.

NuSteps are used for most therapies, including: orthopedic, cardiac and neurological therapies. As a result, fitness centers are getting requests for the NuStep by name.

It’s comfortable design and easy accessibility makes NuStep a perfect fit for practically anyone. We make sure our product can accommodate almost any user, no matter their size, aliment or circumstance. There is a level of care and comprehension in the NuStep design that really focuses on how a user will benefit by interacting with our product.

You might ask yourself: why is NuStep a great choice for your professional business?

Mark Arrington owner of Anytime Fitness in Madison, Wisconsin, said, “I opened a new Anytime Fitness in January 2015 and wanted to add some equipment that was unique to our gym, in regards to what other facilities around us had.

I knew the population around our town was diverse. I purchased the NuStep as a way to help all of our clientele have a safe and effective way to exercise.”

Arrington continued, “The NuStep has far exceeded my expectations. It is used at all times of day, by a range of ages and different people.

We also have a partnership with the local senior citizens group. The people that come in with them flock to the NuStep as their means of exercise.

I am happy that I purchased our NuStep and due to the high use of our members, we may look at purchasing a second. My T5 is very low maintenance and is in use 6 – 7 hours a day. It’s definitely the most popular piece of equipment.”

NuStep’s are extremely durable. Our products are hand crafted, Michigan made, and built to last. Purchasing a NuStep is an investment that will withstand time even with constant use.

In a professional setting, the costs to maintain NuStep brand equipment are significantly less than other machinery. NuStep’s basically require no maintenance other than the occasional battery change.

Another NuStep advantage is our accessories. We allocate a lot of time developing accessories that can accommodate as many different people and ailments as possible. Our engineers go above and beyond so virtually anyone can use our machines. NuStep accessories give many disabled users more mobility. They are specifically custom fit for each NuStep.

Daryl Kucera, owner of Fast Forward Gym (athletic conditioning) and owner of the non-profit entity MSForward (adults with MS, other chronic issues, elderly), currently serves approximately 200 – 250 clients weekly.

Kucera wanted to develop a gym where individuals who suffer from MS and other ailments, could reap the benefits of all-inclusive exercise. He invested in NuStep and it has been a game changer for his business as well as his personal health.

“I myself was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis one month, to the day, after we opened our gym in 2001. My disease has progressed to the point where I require a power chair for transit,” Kucera said.

“The T4 NuSteps that we currently have are a significant piece of my wellness “tool box.” Even though I can no longer take the multiple steps necessary to build extensive muscular and cardiovascular strength, our NuStep provides a remedy for both. In my opinion, our NuStep has allowed me to lead a lifestyle of health and activity after my diagnosis. MS is a disease that normally puts a limit on your abilities but NuStep keeps me active” Kucera continued.

NuStep is in the business of transforming lives. Nustep can also transform your business with our all-inclusive cross-trainer machines. NuStep can help your facility reach a wider range of clientele and enter the adaptable fitness market.

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