Can I Use a Recumbent Cross Trainer for Rehab at Home?


by | Aug 27, 2020 | blog

Rehab At Home With NuStep.

A recumbent cross trainer is a great piece of exercise equipment. But, is it useful for continuing your rehab at home?

When rehabilitating from a health event, choosing the right equipment is important. Using the equipment properly is also important. After all, if you push yourself too hard or use the wrong equipment, you can wind up with a new injury and potentially set yourself back even further.

Obviously, there’s no perfect form of exercise. There’s also no perfect piece of exercise equipment. Each has benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, you want to make sure you’re picking the appropriate form of exercise and equipment to meet your needs. But for those looking for a versatile piece of exercise equipment for continuing rehab, recumbent cross trainers have several benefits over traditional exercise equipment.


Why A Recumbent Cross Trainer?

Cross trainer for rehab at homeFirst, it’s what healthcare professionals use for their clients in physical therapy and cardiac rehab. Odds are, if you were in rehab, you may have already used a recumbent cross trainer.

Secondly, the recumbent cross trainer design. One of the main benefits of a recumbent cross trainer is the seated position which helps reduce pressure on the legs and the lower back during exercise. This enables people with orthopedic or mobility issues to exercise with less risk.

Because a recumbent cross trainer moves both the upper and lower body, you can achieve an effective total-body workout. For those who have either upper or lower body weakness, you can compensate for the weaker half and still achieve your goals. For instance, if your lower body is weak after knee surgery, your arms can take on the extra work and your legs can “go along for the ride.” This allows you to work on range of motion without overly stressing the knee until it’s ready for more weight bearing exercise.

Another benefit of a recumbent cross trainer is that you can adjust your workout based on your current fitness level. As you gain strength, you can increase the resistance, your pace and duration of your workout.


NuStep Cross Trainers Are Ideal For Rehab

If you’re rehabbing from an injury or surgery, NuStep recumbent cross trainers deliver low-impact exercise that helps build strength and work your cardio system without putting too much stress on weakened areas.

That’s why physical therapists and trainers have trusted NuStep recumbent cross trainers for decades. They continue to choose NuStep because they help people from all walks of life achieve success in regaining their functional ability, improving their fitness level and enhancing their independence.

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