Through Every Phase of Rehabilitation and Recovery 

For nearly 30 years, healthcare professionals have been choosing NuStep cross trainers for their clinical settings.  They choose NuStep equipment because of its accessibility, ease of use, and effectiveness in helping their clients improve and progress through each phase of rehab. 

The ergonomic recumbent position, wide, comfortable seat with back support, and smooth stepping motion can help weak and deconditioned patients exercise safely as they begin a rehabilitation program. Often, the NuStep recumbent cross trainer is the only exercise equipment patients with compromised health can use.

Physical Therapy

NuStep recumbent cross trainers are widely used by physical therapy professionals in a variety of settings, including Orthopedic and Neurology clinics.  The NuStep provides a low-impact, full-body cardio, and strength workout to help improve physical fitness.  With a low-inertia start-up, user-controlled step length, and multiple resistance levels, the NuStep cross trainer allows patients to control their workout and adjust it as they build strength and increase stamina.

Cardiac Rehabilitation 

The effectiveness of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation in speeding recovery after a cardiac event is well-known.  Unfortunately, many with heart disease or heart-related illnesses are unable to use traditional exercise equipment to get the aerobic exercise they need to recover.  NuStep provides access to safe, full-body cardiovascular and strength training exercises that can meet the needs of a wide variety of patients.

Medical Fitness

Medically integrated health and fitness centers across the U.S. have embraced the NuStep recumbent cross trainer as a valuable tool in providing a continuum of care for their members. With its inclusive design, ergonomic features, and low impact workout, a NuStep cross trainer benefits members across a spectrum of ages, fitness levels, and functional abilities. 


Losing weight, and keeping it off, is a challenge for most people.  But for those who have orthopedic issues or health conditions caused by being overweight or obese, the challenge is far greater, especially when it comes to finding exercise equipment that can accommodate their needs.  NuStep helps reduce barriers to exercise experienced by many bariatric users by providing access to a full-body cardio and strength training workout for users up to 600 lbs.