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Workout like a Biggest Loser

I learned a lot about effective ways to work out during my time on The Biggest Loser. The three things that are most important for me: consistency in my schedule, variety in my workouts and low-impact cardio. To accomplish this, I use the NuStep at least three days a week. The other days I mix

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Meet O’Neal and SunShine Hampton at MN ACVPR Fall Conference

We’ve got some very exciting news! As much as we love to travel all over the country spreading the news about how much we love NuStep, this month we have the joy of staying right here in our home state of Minnesota to share our story. Come see us at the Minnesota Association of Cardiovascular

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Knee Replacement and the Long Road to Recovery

I’d like to think my knee problems were a result of many seasons dominating on the football field, and while that definitely contributed, my real issue was the hundreds of pounds of extra pressure I placed on my knees for years. Prior to losing the weight, I had arthroscopic surgery on my knees several times,

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After the Biggest Loser – Challenges and New Opportunities

Those of you who watched Season 9 would know that SunShine and I were actually kicked off the ranch not once, but twice. To read the story of how we got to come back, check out SunShine’s post: Getting on The Biggest Loser Ranch. Being kicked off the ranch was heartbreaking. I felt that I

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Meet O’Neal Hampton at CPTA 2013

I am so excited to be coming to the California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) Conference in Pasadena, California with the NuStep team. For everyone attending the conference September 20th and 21st, make sure to stop by and see us in booth 301! I will have a lot to share with you about my transformation and

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The Top Three Things I Learned on The Biggest Loser

During my time on the Biggest Loser Ranch I lost a lot of weight, but gained a lot of knowledge. Every day I use the tools I learned to support my lifestyle change… which is actually the first (and most important) concept I learned on the ranch: 1. It’s a lifestyle change Everyone asks me,

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Discovering NuStep on the Biggest Loser Ranch

When SunShine and I first arrived on The Biggest Loser Ranch to begin our transformation, I’d watched enough of the show to know there would be a challenge to do right away. I really wanted to get off to a strong start. As we arrived in our limos, the show’s host Allison Sweeney was waiting

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Getting on The Biggest Loser Ranch

Prior to our season of NBC’s The Biggest Loser my dad, O’Neal Hampton, had never really seen an episode of the show. He knew what it was about and what they did but never fully watched a season. I on the other hand was a faithful watcher and had seen most seasons. In the summer

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O’Neal and SunShine Hampton Start their Weight Loss Journey

Starting a journey is never easy. We knew what to do to get healthy (eat right and exercise), but knowing something and doing something are two very different things. Before The Biggest Loser, I was 425 pounds and SunShine weighed in at 275 pounds. There are many hopeless feelings and little quality of life at

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