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Three Things I do Every Day to be Successful

I make hundreds, thousands of choices each day, but there are three things I do every day that make the biggest difference in my health and happiness. 1. The first thing I do every day when I wake up is make a conscious decision to do my very best that day. Now along with that

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Half Ironman Training Update

It’s time for a training update! With only 94 days until my big day I get more and more excited to get out of bed and train each morning. I am now in Phase IV of training for a half ironman, which has been a big shift. Everything is starting to fall into place and

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I’ve decided on a NuStep for my home! Now what?

So you’ve finally decided to invest in your health and get a NuStep for your home. You can rest assured that you’re making the right decision. The NuStep has transformed countless lives around the world, and having the ability to jump on the NuStep and get a workout any time of the day is priceless.

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When Working Out, What You Wear Matters

Having the right clothes during a workout can make all the difference in the world. You have to dress the part. You’d never go to The Grammys dressed in jeans and a T-shirt would you? So why workout in baggy, bunchy, heavy cotton?! When you are working out it is important to be dressed in

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Finding the Right Support System

This week’s blog is about having a support system as you go through life for anything you want to achieve, whether that’s physically, mentally, financially or emotionally. Having a support system is really the key to staying on track. Please don’t get support system confused with enablers though. An enabler is a ‘yes man’ who

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My Top 5 Tips for a Healthier Diet

In this week’s post, I would like to share with everyone some tips and tricks for healthier cooking and meal planning. There are a lot of different ways to change your eating habits (notice I did NOT say diet) for the better, but I’ve found that these work best for me: Purge your cabinets –

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Are you happy enough to get healthy?

This week I want to share my thoughts on the importance of the mental, as well as the physical, when you want to lose weight and get healthy. For most people, there’s a why behind being overweight or obese that has to be tackled before they can make any lasting change. Obesity affects your family,

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Rachel Fredrickson’s Biggest Loser Finale

Family, friends and fans – In this week’s post I would like to touch on a hot topic in the news: Rachel Fredrickson, Winner of Season 15 of The Biggest Loser. Many are saying she looked to skinny and went too far with her weight loss. They are saying she looked anorexic and unhealthy. While

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Training for a Half-Ironman

One way I like to support my healthy lifestyle change is to have a big goal to work on. Right now I am signed up for the Racine, WI Half Ironman on July 20th and my training program is in full swing! I started training back in December and have a very detailed schedule that

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The Workout is the Easy Part

If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser, you’ll have seen me and other contestants sweating, crying and screaming during intense workout sessions that pushed us to our limits. Don’t get me wrong, those were real workouts and real emotions, but I’m here to tell you that the workout is the easy part. Of course, most

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